Tuesday 5 November 2013

RevoDrive 3 X2

Just bought the RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB for my photo/video editing system, even though I read that random data performance is not great.  

I've had 3 other HDs in the computer for a while now: 

1. Corsair Force 3 SSD - 120 GB
2. Western Digital Caviar Green (WD30EZRX) - 3 TB 
3. Adata SSD S510 - 120GB

My setup has the Corsair as my system drive; Adata as the cache/scratch/paging/preview etc for Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Resolve,Windows; WD Caviar as the storage drive.

My data flow is to import media on to the WD Caviar 3TB; if I decide to do a video project I copy the media to the Adata.  Since starting to work more with video, the 120 GB just isn't enough...it is for working on one video project at a time but that's no fun!

Initially I thought I'd buy two/three SSDs and stripe them together.  As they would not be the main storage, I could lose the drives and at worst I would lose time, but the original media would be fine (yes, I backup my 3TB drive religiously).  I knew of PCIe SSDs of course, but always assumed that they'd be way over budget.  I then came across a refurbished 480GB OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2.  Cheap!,  less than buying 3 SSDs and better performance (in most areas).

Here are the performance stats for the original drives (the Adata wins, though that could be down to fact that I'm using the Corsair as a system drive...the other difference is that I have the corsair partitioned, for various reasons):


WD Caviar (was seriously thinking about stopping the test, it was so slow!):


And now the RevoDrive:

...shines bright like a diamond (sorry, been listening to Rihanna recently!)

Under random data tests:



Gotta admit I was expecting much worse after reading several reviews!  I'm certainly not getting the advertised 1,500 MB/s (never expected to), nor am I getting what others seem to be getting...but so chuffed with it I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat.  

I'll be doing some real world tests over the next few days, as that is where it really counts of course, along with testing various setups to see which works best.  Initial I'm gonna go with video related stuff (Resolve and Premiere) on the RevoDrive, with the Adata used for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Windows paging file.

Overall, really happy with the refurbished RevoDrive; packaging was immaculate, everything was sealed with no sign of it ever being used previously; install was smooth, just install the drivers and windows recognises it fine, format and away you go.