Monday 14 October 2013

CPU Overclocking

In my first weekend of CPU tweaking, I've managed to overclock my Intel i7-3820  from the stock 3.60GHz to 4.6GHz.  The temp under load has so far not gone above 56degC, so I've plenty of overhead to play with I think.  Very happy with that as I'm just using fan cooling.  Also, under heavy colour grading tests, the system is solid, no issues whatsoever (though the SSDs are still a painful bottle neck...really need to raid something together or get PCIe SSD...that would be blazingly fast).

Will do a detailed system set-up once I have managed to tweak a bit more and am happy to run with it full-time.  Gonna do a 6 hour CPU burn test this weekend, to be absolutely certain this is rock solid.

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