Thursday 22 August 2013

Panasonic TX-P65VT65 has arrived!

TV has arrived and is sitting on top of a table temporarily.  It will be hoisted on to the wall in the next week or so.

The picture is superb, the images very life like and full of detail.  

Haven’t gotten round to doing my own custom calibration yet (have ordered the THX blue glasses, so when they arrive I’ll be spending many, many hours tweaking the picture!). I have tried the custom calibration settings used by the AV Forum reviewer, but found the THX mode marginally more to my liking; there is a THX mode for bright rooms, but I personally didn't like the slightly brighter, less punchy images. 

Sound is pretty impressive for a Panasonic TV.  My previous model was pretty awful.  The fan is noticeable at night when watching very quiet sources, but not enough to throw my toys out of the pram over.

It is incongruous to have a TV with reference quality picture and then provide a pen aimed at children to write on the surface; the person who thought that was a good idea needs to re-evaluate whether she/he should carry on working in the high-end TV market!  It certainly feels wrong to be touching the surface of your new reference quality TV, even with a soft tip.

I haven’t got any 3D sources so haven't played much with 3D, but the 2D to 3D conversion kinda works.  Still unlikely that I’ll be watching 3D so might just sell the glasses on ebay!

The Smart TV features are plenty, but I'll hardly be using them...apart from Youtube and Skype.  The camera is nice, but I really wish it would pop back in automatically when not using an app that can use it.

Overall very happy with the TV and can't wait till it's on the wall.

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