Monday 19 August 2013

Panasonic TX-P65VT65

Have decided to buy the P65VT65  over the P60WT65 or the Samsung F8500, or any 4K TVs.

The reasoning behind these...

Against the P60WT65:

  • WT65 does not have a camera built in for Skype (not earth shattering to be honest but is a nice touch)
  • From several reviews the picture quality is not leaps superior than the VT65 (but is marginally better)
  • Doesn't come in 65 inch for UK (not a huge difference but the 65 will be a perfect fit for the living room)

Against the Samsung F8500:

  • Is better if you like brighter picture but not if you prefer (slightly) better picture quality
  • I am used to owning Panasonic

Against 4K TVs:

  • Amazing if you are going to be close to the TV but otherwise the picture quality does not compare to the above TVs
  • The stupendously expensive price is not worth it as there is very little content currently.  I can't see a huge amount of content in the near future either...look how long HD is taking to be ubiquitous 
Any of these TVs would be amazing to own. Which has superior picture quality is, arguably, not discernible by most humans, and then only when they are side by side.

Note to self: don't tell the kids the TV comes with a pen you can draw on the TV with!

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